Friendship through events

Discover and forge new friendships with Soul by crafting and joining unique events. Whether it's a quick cinema trip or a day-long adventure, start creating memories today.

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What is Soul?

Soul is where your passions connect you with the world, transforming every event from cinema nights to rock concerts into an opportunity for friendship and shared experiences. It's more than an event discovery app – it's a community where you can chat, connect, and create lasting memories with like-minded individuals.

With personalized event suggestions, private and group chats, and a vibrant social network of followers and followings, Soul makes every adventure a chance to discover something new and build genuine connections. Join Soul and embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and unforgettable moments.


If You want to create an event

Create amazing events and find people who gather your interests
Create an event
Set up your event effortlessly with our user-friendly tools. Opt for a short or an extended, complete with engaging description, images, locations, and interest tags to beautifully showcase your event.
Publish it!
Your event will show up in a worldwide events feed. Keep connected to receive numerous responses.
Wait for replies
As your event remains active, you'll get a range of replies. Feel free to accept or decline them as you see fit.

If You want to find interesting events

Find any interesting event and gain new friends
Serve the feed
Discover a wide variety of events both globally and in your local area.
Reply to any event
Search for an event you like and respond to it with an introductory message.
Wait for the answer
Stay updated through notifications or by visiting a dedicated page to monitor your responses.
Meet each other!
Keep in touch with chats
Find more friends with groups


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